Stormwater Fee Study

The most recent meeting of the Stormwater Advisory Committee Phase 2 was at noon Wednesday, September 4. The public attended to listen to the discussion.

August 5, 2019 Stormwater Advisory Committee Presentation

At the June 5th meeting of the Stormwater Advisory Committee Phase 2, its third meeting, members reviewed the level of service options for stormwater management services. The discussion included the best way to maintain cross lot storm water pipes on private property that convey stormwater from both public and private properties.

Future discussions will include consideration of a fee structure and different levels of service based on a more or less urbanized model, including curbs and inlets, as well as pipes for conveyance, versus a somewhat less urbanized model that requires less infrastructure. A discussion about credits for on-site stormwater management is expected at a future meeting.

The basic premise of most stormwater user user fees implemented around the state and the country is based on impervious area. Public educational meetings will be announced. Please direct questions to David Modricker, Public Works Director.


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The 2nd Stormwater Advisory Committee meeting convened on May 1 at the Ferguson Township Municipal Building.

Meeting 2 Agenda and Materials


Ferguson Township has entered into a contract with its consultant, Wood, for phase 2 of the Stormwater Fee Study it completed over nine months in 2018. 

During phase 1, a Stormwater Advisory Committee represented by many stakeholders—residents; neighborhood associations; Penn State University; the State College Area School District; Centre Region Parks and Recreation; the Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County (CBICC), and the Ferguson Township Garden Club—helped to set priorities for stormwater services. The members who served also included a farmer, agricultural engineer, contractor, master gardener, geologist, and water resource activist.   

The Township and consultant presented their findings to the Board of Supervisors on May 21, 2018, including program recommendations and costs, service levels, funding methods, the fee calculation process, and estimated rates. The study concluded that a stormwater fee is feasible to implement.
The first meeting of the Stormwater Advisory Committee for Phase 2 of the study took place on April 10 2019. In addition to the stakeholders represented during phase 1, a member of the Ferguson Township Tree Commission will serve. Township staff reached out to past committee members and potential new members to confirm their interest in serving. 

During this phase, the committee will firm up the scope of the program and provide guidance on implementing a level of service and fee to pay for the program. The Township and its consultant will hold public hearings and prepare a Stormwater User Fee draft ordinance.

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