Current Projects

Public Works Director’s Report to the Board of
Supervisors on March 16, 2020
Crosswalk painting request in Pine Grove Mills: Staff evaluated the crosswalk painting requests based on discussion with the Board of Supervisors. The Township Engineer does not recommend painting any of the locations. The locations either do not meet mid-block painting guidance, cross non-Township roads, or are otherwise not required. Staff recommends that the consultant selected to prepare the mobility study in Pine Grove Mills consider these requests, similar to the crossing requests in the Northland Area Mobility Study.

Public Works Maintenance Facility: The contractor, Fiore, has mobilized. Work is in progress.

Stormwater Fee Study Phase 2: Staff and the consultant, WOOD, have addressed Sormwater Advisory Committee (SAC) concerns, reviewed the cost of service, better defined service areas and refined the scope of service to reduce costs, revised the time period of cost distribution, and reviewed the effect on an anticipated fee structure. A final fee structure was not proposed to the SAC at their last meeting in 2019. Two additional meetings of the SAC are planned. The next SAC meeting times are March 25th and April 15th. Once the SAC completes its work, the consultant will prepare a report for the BOS. Public outreach efforts are planned in the coming months including a public education event planned for April 16th from 7pm to 9pm at the Park Forest Middle School and an education session at the Baileyville Hall on April 15th. In the interim, BOS members or others interested in additional detailed subject matter can review the stormwater fee presentations and reports available on our web page, or meet with the Public Works Director and Manager to review the program developed to date.

Arborist and Ferguson Township Tree Commission: The FTTC meets on March 16th and agenda items are expected to include: finalize 2020 goals, discussion on the draft tree preservation ordinance, adoption of bylaws for the group, and discussion of the RFP for a tree canopy survey. An arbor day celebration is planned for Saturday, May 2nd at Haymarket Park.
Maintenance Section: The road crew has been repairing inlets, repairing culverts, attending training, working on drinking fountains in parks, completing various work orders, and cleaning and repairing vehicles.

Contract 2019-C15 Street Tree Pruning: The contract awarded to Nature’s Canopy was terminated for failure to perform the work and awarded to the second low bidder, Cutting Edge Tree Professionals. Work started by Cutting Edge the week of March 2nd and includes pruning 767 street trees in Saybook, Greenleaf Manor, and Pine Grove Mills neighborhoods.

Contract 2020-C1 Street Improvement Project (portions of Blue Course Drive and Saratoga Drive): Improvements to sections of these two roads include inlet repairs, curb repairs, asphalt repairs and an asphalt overlay. The project is currently out to bid for a bid opening on March 17th.

Contract 2020-C2 Street Improvement Project (Dry Hollow Road, Deibler Road, portion of Whitehall Road): Work includes base repair, asphalt milling, and paving a new asphalt wearing course on Whitehall Road from Timothy Lane to the County line. Some sections of guiderail will be replaced. Similar work is planned for a section of Deibler Road and Dry Hollow Road. The project is currently out to bid for a bid opening on March 17th.

Contract 2020-C6 Curb and Ramp upgrades: This is an annual contract to update and replace curb ramps on sidewalks to meet ADA requirements on roads that receive microsurfacing. This contract has been awarded to Glenn O. Hawbaker.

Contract 2020-C7c Asphalt and Aggregate: A contract is let every year for asphalt and aggregate. The contract should be advertised in March for a bid opening in April.

Contract 2020-C7a Fuel: Gas and Diesel will be bid in March for an anticipated award in April.

Contract 2020-C8 Pavement Markings: Each year the Township bids painting lines and legends on our roads. A dozen municipalities piggyback on this popular contract. This contract has been awarded to Alpha Space Control. See separate award recommendation memorandum.

Contract 2020-C9 Microsurfacing: Microsurfacing is a pavement preservation technique and a contract is let annually. This contract has been awarded to Asphalt Paving Systems. This year the following roads are planned for microsurfacing:
Road NameFrom StreetTo Street
James AveStonebridge


Red LionStonebridgeKings Ct
Chownings CtRed LionCul-De-Sac
WillamsburgRed LionCul-De-Sac
Kings CtWilliamsburgCul-De-Sac
Wetherburn DrWilliamsburgStonebridge
Aaron DrN Atherton StEnt Twp Rd
Horseshoe CirTadpoleTadpole
Beaver Branch RdTadpoleCul-De-Sac
ButzEndE Beaver Ave
W Beaver AveTwp LineCorl St
S Osmond StW Collge AveTwp Line
Hoy StW Collge AveHighland Alley
S CorlW Collge AveHighland Alley
FairbrookW WhitehallCul-de-sac
Dry Hollow RoadCountyMarengo
Deibler RoadSR 45Tadpole Road
Contract 2020-C10 Bikepath and Parking Lot Sealcoat: This annual contract includes a double sealcoat to preserve the pavement life of bikepaths and parking lots. Other municipalities may piggyback on this contract from time to time. Design is in progress. The project should be bid in March.

Contract 2020-C13 Street Tree Planting: This work includes planting 43 street trees and was awarded to Luther Lawn Service LLC. Work is planned to start the week of March 9th or 16th.
Contract 2020-C14 Tree Canopy Survey: Proposals were accepted for professionals services to conduct a tree canopy survey which will allow the Township and the Tree Commission to better understand impacts on the urban forest and best manage our resources. Quotes were received until March 24th. The Township will review quotes and contact the successful bidder.