Street Signs

Street sign

Retroreflectivity standards have been developed by the Federal Highway Agency and apply to Township street signs to make the signs highly visible to drivers. As street signs are replaced, they are replaced with high quality signs that meet the new standards. Homeowner Associations throughout Ferguson Township entered into an agreement with the Township at the time of subdivision plan approval to install (and are required to maintain) decorative, non-typical street signs. These include Stonebridge, Teaberry Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, Chestnut Ridge Manor, Foxpointe, and Hunter’s Chase.

All agencies including Ferguson Township are required to be in compliance by January, 2015. Homeowner Associations should consider this requirement and make arrangements to replace their signs. If a homeowner association is interested in having the Public Works Department replace the existing street signs with Township standard signs and posts meeting the new regulations, the homeowner association president should contact the Public Works Director by email or by calling (814) 238-4651. There is a fee for this service.