Working in Township Right-of-Way

Construction zone

Planning on doing work in the Township Right-of-Way (ROW)? Please review the following information on permitting and Township regulations that all contractors must follow when working in the Township ROW.

Roadway Occupancy Permit 

Contractors and utility owners are reminded that, prior to conducting any work in the Township ROW, including excavation, the owner or operator must first obtain a roadway occupancy permit from the Township Engineer. This is necessary to allow for the location of underground utilities, inspection, restoration, and management of pave cuts within the Township ROW. Pave cuts deteriorate the life of the roadway. In some cases, the applicant may be required to bore under the roadway. Penalties exist for failure to obtain a permit.

Surety Guidelines

Surety is required prior to final plan approval for improvements within or adjacent to the Township ROW and for the construction of stormwater improvements contained within an easement on-site. These improvements typically include curb, pavement, sidewalk, street trees, storm pipe, inlets, detention basins, and sometimes complete roadway construction and traffic signal improvements. Surety can be posted by means of a letter of credit, improvement bond, restrictive escrow account, or a personal bond. An agreement prepared by the Township must accompany the surety.

Chapter 21 of the Township Code of Ordinances: Streets and Sidewalks

Complete information on working in the Township ROW can be found in Chapter 21 of the Township Code of Ordinances. The ordinance includes information on the permit process, time periods for restoration, penalty for noncompliance, and much more. Please refer all questions regarding the Township's ordinance on Streets and Sidewalks to the Public Works Director. You may contact the Public Works Director by email or by phone at (814) 238-4651.