Proper placement of your mailbox will protect it from potential damage during snow plowing operations.

The Township asks that residents adhere to these mailbox placement guidelines:

  • The front face of the mailbox should be located one foot from the edge of the roadway pavement.
  • The bottom of the box should be 42 - 48 inches above the road surface.
  • Maintain three feet of clear zone below the mailbox, measured from the road surface. This allows room for the Township plow truck to clear snow from the street without damaging your mailbox.

Residents are encouraged to relocate or modify your mailbox to accommodate snow plowing operations. If your mailbox adheres to Township standards, but a plow still hits it, the Township typically will replace it with a standard 4-inch by 4-inch wooden post and standard mailbox.  

The Township will not replace ornamental or decorative fixtures that may extend into the clear zone.

Following Township guidelines ensures that your mailbox is accessible to the mail carrier and less likely to be damaged during snowplow operations. Residents are also reminded that structures of brick, stone or other potentially hazardous objects are not permitted in the Township right-of-way. You may obtain specific guidelines from your local post office or by calling the Township’s Public Works Department at 238-4651, or email us your question

Please see the image below to view a diagram of the Township's mailbox standards.

Mailbox standards graph