Public Works

Our Mission

Provide efficient, cost effective, professional public works services within our scope of work to our residents.


The four sections of Public Works include: Engineering, Road and Fleet Maintenance, Arbor Care, and Buildings and Grounds who operate under the direction of the Public Works Director.

Engineering: Engineering is responsible for designing, bidding, administering, and inspecting capital improvements projects such as road, park construction, or building construction. Engineering duties include evaluation and documentation of the classification and condition of 90-plus miles of roadway; proper maintenance of signalized intersections; management of engineering service agreements; issuance of road occupancy permits; making PA One Calls; providing work orders to and coordinating with the road crew; updating the sign inventory database; oversight of engineering reviews of  development plans and associated construction inspection; addressing engineering questions and needs of the residents, Township staff and Board, contractors and engineers; and maintaining the Township road construction standards.  In addition, the engineering section is now responsible to map and inspect the stormwater system including basins, inlets, pipes, and outlets in accordance with mandated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II requirements.

Maintenance: Maintenance consists of a Road Superintendent, Mechanic, two Foremen, and a road crew, who all operate under the direction of the Public Works Director.  Part-time workers are hired during summer months and during brush and leaf collection. Major duties include maintenance of the Township's 90-plus miles of roadways, including paving and patching potholes, storm pipe installation, berm grading, crack sealing, sign installation, street sweeping, snow removal, vegetation control, tree trimming, building and grounds maintenance, vehicle and equipment maintenance, park improvements, and yard waste collection for leaves and brush.  Annually, the road crew collects more than 4,000 cubic yards of leaves, and more than 1,000 cubic yards of wood chips from brush.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
David Modricker, P.E. Director of Public Works
Lance King Arborist
Ronald Seybert, Jr., P.E. Township Engineer
Ryan Scanlan Assistant Township Engineer
Logan Struble Engineering Technician
Kevin Bloom Engineering Assistant
Vacancy One GIS Technician
Jaymes Progar GIS Technician
Steve McDonald Road Superintendent
Van Holsinger Custodian
Bruce Houk Mechanic
Summer Krape Administrative Assistant