Current Public Works Projects

Public Works Director’s Report to the Board of Supervisors (BOS)
for the Regular Meeting on April 2, 2024


  1. Public Works Road Crew Activities: Recent work has included tree trimming on west end roads and sink hole repairs at the stormwater basins along Blue Course Drive. Work for the week of April 1st includes brush collection, leaf collection, street sweeping, bike path sweeping, and inlet repairs. Work for the week of April 8th includes berm grading on west end roads. Vehicle and equipment maintenance by mechanics continues.
  2. Arborist and Ferguson Township Tree Commission (FTTC) Activities- The Tree Commission meets on April 15th. A representative of the FTTC plans to attend an April meeting of the BOS. The arborist has been inspecting tree related work associated with construction of the Park Hills Drainage Improvement project, continues to review land development and subdivision plans, tree trimming, and responding to resident inquiries regarding street trees, and inspecting contract tree trimming by Dincher and Dincher Tree Surgeons.
  3. Stormwater – Major activities of the Stormwater Engineer include 1) inspection of stormwater facilities as required by our MS4 permit, 2) construction administration of the Park Hills Drainageway Improvement Project, 3) preparing and bidding the pipe lining contract, and the pipe cleaning/video assessment contract, 4) managing the design phase of the Beaver Branch PRP Improvement Project, 5) stormwater management plan reviews and 6) administration of the stormwater fee program. While this position is vacant, tasks are being handled by engineering staff and questions related to the stormwater fee are directed to the Public Works Director.
  4. Buildings and Asset Management –.The road crew assists with various work orders in and around the buildings. Road surface inspections using Paver continue in advance of preparing the 5 year CIP.
  5. Contract 2018-C20 Park Hills Drainageway – This project was awarded to Aquatic Resource Restoration Company, LLC (ARRC). Work is underway. All tree clearing is complete, tree protection zone fence installed, and erosion and sedimentation control devices have been placed. UAJA completed the installation of the sanitary sewer main in the upper reach above Princeton Drive. The contractor expects to complete the mulch access road in the upper reach by the end of March. The installation of the storm pipe at the top of the project that extends to Devonshire Drive is expected to start the week of April 1. Construction of the channel improvements should begin shortly thereafter.
  6. Contract 2020-C4 Suburban Park This project includes features shown in the master plan including a paved perimeter walk path, restoration of a stream channel, installation of bridges, and installation of a pavilion. This contract was awarded to LandServ, Inc. Some elements of work were not completed in 2023 and are being completed either throughout the winter (pavilion construction) or in the spring of 2024. For public safety reasons, the park will remain closed through the winter until work is complete. Fencing and signs are in place. Upcoming work includes installing concrete sidewalk and pads, topsoil placement, and paving the walking path the week of April 15th. Once the path is paved, the project will be substantially complete and can be opened to the public. Note that some erosion and sedimentation controls will remain until the end of June.
  7. Contract 2020-C18 Science Park and Sandy Drive Signal Design – Bids for this project were opened on March 12th. A notice of award has been issued to M&B Services, LLC.
  8. Contract 2021-C16 Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Plan (CBPRP) Design and Permitting –Our consultant KCI is working on the final design and permitting for the Beaver Branch improvements. Staff understands the Board of Supervisors desires to purchase credits for the PSU Duck Pond project as outlined in the Pollutant Reduction Plan. No further design work is planned for Slab Cabin Run.
  9. Contract 2022-C21 Pine Grove Mills Bike and Pedestrian Improvements (TASA grant) – Design work by McCormick Taylor is underway. The current schedule prepared by the design team shows construction in 2025. There are 2 locations where existing fences encroach in the PennDOT right of way that interfere with slope cut or fill and must be removed and or relocated. Notices were sent to the property owners. The Public Works Director met with one property owner to describe the impacts. Note that all work proposed is in the PennDOT right of way and no easements for any work on private property are anticipated.
  10. Contract 2023-C3 Pipe Lining –National Water Main Company mobilized and resumed work on this project on March 25th.
  11. Contract 2023-C4 Cherry Lane School Zone Flasher – Bids for this project were opened on March 12th. A notice of award has been issued to Kuharchik Construction.
  12. Contract 2023-C5 CCTV Pipe Inspection – National Water Main Company mobilized and resumed work on this project on March 25th.
  13. Contract 2023-C23 Administration Building Renovations – Work began on February 12th. Still awaiting window frames, drywall mud and finish is in progress, ductwork is in progress. Work should be substantially complete in early May.
  14. Contract 2024-C1 Street Improvement Project - Nixon Road – Bids for this project were opened on March 12th. An award recommendation memorandum is forthcoming.
  15. Contract 2024-C3 Pipe Lining Contract – This project is in design.
  16. Contract 2024-C5 Pipe CCTV Contract - This project is in design.
  17. Contract 2024-C6 Curb and Ramp Upgrades This project is in design.
  18. Contract 2024-C7a Fuel Contract – Bids were opened on March 11th. A purchase order will be sent to JJ Powell Inc.
  19. Contract 2024-C8 Pavement Marking Contract Bids for this contract were opened on March 26th. Refer to separate award recommendation memorandum.
  20. Contract 2024-C9 Microsurfacing Contract This project is out to bid for an opening on April 8th.
  21. Contract 2024-C10 Sealcoating Contract -This project is in design.
  22. Contract 2024-C11 Sidewalk Repair Contract This project is in design.
  23. Contract 2024-C14 Street Tree Planting Contract – This contract was awarded to Greene’s Landscape. Trees are planted in the spring.
  24. Contract 2024-C15 Street Tree Pruning Contract – This work (including the pruning of 282 street trees along various streets in Sylvan View, the Landings, and Foxpointe neighborhoods) was awarded to Dincher and Dincher Tree Surgeons Inc. Work started March 11th and is complete.