Stormwater User Fee – Impervious Area and Billing Units by Parcel

The stormwater ordinance uses the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) billing unit. In determining what an ERU equals in Ferguson Township, staff examined every residential property in the Township and calculated an average amount of impervious area for residential lots. This was determined to be 3,097 square feet, which is used to define one ERU. For non- residential properties, the number of ERUs assigned is determined by dividing the total impervious area of the parcel by 3,097 square feet. A property’s fee is then determined by multiplying the number of ERUs that apply to the property by the rate per ERU. Once that amount is determined, any credits or exemptions that apply are deducted and the difference represents the final fee assessed to the property.

The Township has prepared a listing, accessible below, that provides the following data:

Parcel ID – the Centre County tax parcel ID number assigned to each parcel of land

Address – the Centre County tax parcel information on the location of a parcel within Ferguson Township

Total Impervious Area – the amount of surface area that prevents the percolation of water into the ground as defined in Chapter 26 Stormwater Management found on each parcel, based on data gathered by the Township in the winter of 2018-19, measured in square feet. This information is used to calculate billing units.

ERU Billing Units – ERU means the number of billing units for each parcel based on the median value of impervious area for single family detached residential parcels within Ferguson Township (3097 sf).  All single family detached residential parcels have one billing unit under this user-fee method.

You can find your parcel information in the document below.

Current version - 01/22/2021

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