Park Hills Drainage Way Improvements Project

Drainage collage

A project to improve a drainage way in Park Hills is currently in design.

The project’s goals are to:

  • Maintain stormwater on Township property or within easements
  • Eliminate erosion and sediment deposits in the drainage way
  • Coordinate improvements with utilities in the drainage way
  • Preserve as many existing trees as possible within the project limit

The project team led by NTM Engineering is designing “naturalistic” improvements to this eroded drainage way, being sensitive to the mature tree canopy, nearby residents, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requirements for working in a “stream,” utility and right of way concerns. 

The project’s key challenges identified by NTM include the site’s:

  • physical characteristics
  • steepness
  • tree protection
  • utilities
  • sanitary sewer
  • power
  • cable
  • phone
  • site access for construction
  • floodplain

Ferguson Township hosted a public meeting on January 9, 2019 so that property owners could view NTM’s presentation on the project and express their questions and concerns.

Design work will proceed through 2019 and generate accurate estimates of projected construction costs. 

Ferguson Township will update this page as the project progresses.


Project diagram
NTM’s presentation features this illustration of a regenerative stormwater conveyance design,
as well as "before and after" images of completed projects.