Park Hills Drainage Way Improvement Project Update

Park Hills Drainage Way

The Public Works Department continues to make headway on the Park Hills Drainage Way Project. Project Timeline for 2019 is as follows:

Summary of Activities Since April 2019:

April 2019 – Consultant team finalized the conceptual design. 

May 2019 – A pre-application meeting was held with Department of Environmental Protection to review the conceptual design to concur on the required permitting for the project.  Township staff and the consultant team continued coordination with utilities and a meeting with all affected utility providers was held to understand impacts and related costs.

June 2019 – Consultant team performed a hydraulic analysis of the refined conceptual design considering the permitting requirements.  An updated cost estimate for all phases of the project including construction was also provided.  The new project cost estimate greatly exceeded the initial cost estimate in the 2020-2024 capital improvement plan (CIP).

July 2019 – Staff concern for the projected overall project cost caused a pause in design efforts as staff considered alternatives and the need to review projected project costs with the Board of Supervisors during the upcoming CIP review. $1,500,000 was programmed in the Capital Improvements Plan in year 2022 for utility, easement, and construction costs due to staff concern for the projected overall project cost. No funding is committed until approved by the Board of Supervisors in the Operating budget. The 2019 and 2020 Operating budgets include funding for engineering design only.

August/September 2019 – The consultant team identified a potential construction cost savings by performing a flood plain revision study to map the actual floodplain and document flow elevations and any increases in flow.  This additional work could save approximately $100,000 on overall project costs.  The Supervisors authorized this approach and the consultant team began a revision to the overall project design.

October 2019 – The Township and consultant team applied for a $135,000 grant to partially fund project design costs.

November 2019 – Township staff and consultant team reviewed the updated design and the impacts on the trees within the project area.  Suggestions were made during a field view to incorporate into the design.  The design will be modified to best address the suggestions.

The design will be revised by the consultant team based on input provided during the November Field View. Summer of 2021 through winter of 2021 will involve preparing construction plans and specifications. Construction is set to begin in 2022. 

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