Bicycle Registration

Two bicycles

Ferguson Township Police encourages residents to register your bicycles with the Penn State University Parking Office, which serves as a central bike registration site for the Centre Region. Registering your bicycles will help police recover them in the event they are lost or stolen.

You can register your bike online at no charge to you. A current Centre Region permit will be mailed the following day to your local address. If you are not affiliated with the University, click the Guest and Departmental Login button to create an ID and password, and proceed with registration.

The permit issued on the University Park campus is identifcal to the one issued by the Borough of State College. Bicycles displaying a current Centre Region permit are valid on campus as well as in the Borough. The permit process also applies to electronic bikes. 

Affix the permit to the seat tube or on the seat post. The permit must face and be visible from the front of the bicycle. The seat tube or post must be clean and dry for the permit to adhere properly.

When the permit expires, the bicycle must be re-registered. Registrations and/or permits are not transferable. In the event you transfer ownership of your bicycle, the new owner will need to register the bike in his or her name. 

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