Caller ID Spoofing

Phone Scams

Caller ID Spoofing is when a caller creates false information sent to your caller ID display in order to trick victims, typically making the incoming phone number look like your area code. Perpetrators use scam scripts to attempt to steal your personally identifiable information (PII). The Ferguson Township Police Department would like to inform residents about this new scamming trend and how to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Do not answer calls from unknown numbers. If you do answer, hang up immediately.
  • Do not respond to any questions, especially  "Yes" or "No".
  • Almost every company or government agency will reach out via mail first, especially if they are in need of payment. If you do receive a call from someone who says that are from a certain organization, hang up and call the number on their website or account statement to verify if the call was authentic. 
  • NEVER give out personally identifiable information (PII) such as account numbers, social security numbers, email addresses, driver's license numbers.
  • There are some downloadable apps available on your smart phone that can block robocalls. Be sure to do your research to ensure an app is safe before downloading. More information about robocall blocking is available at
  • Password protect your voicemail box and always check your voicemails periodically.

Some of these scams include:

  • Banks and credit card companies promising lower interest rates or sending fraud alerts for an account you don't have
  • Holiday Charity Scams
  • Medicare Card Scams that target older Americans
  • Health Insurance Scam
  • Social Security Scam. Learn more here.

If you believe you are a victim of a caller ID scam, file a complaint with the FCC here.