Zoning Map Amendments

Zoning Map

Chapter 22, Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance and Chapter 27, Zoning Ordinance were amended back in November after 18 months of hard work done by our Planning & Zoning Staff. 

The next step in amending the zoning ordinance is amending the Ferguson Township Zoning Map. Amending the zoning map modifies the district boundaries in areas identified by the Board. The following areas have been identified during the first phase of the rewrite process are listed below:

  • Pine Grove Mills (Village District)
  • The Meadows (Rural Agricultural)
  • Rock Springs (Rural Agricultural)
  • Penn State University lands (Agricultural Research)
  • Harner Farm Lots (Rural Agricultural)
  • Ridge Overlay District (Rural Residential)
  • Industrial Zoning District (Northwest corner of Blue Course Dr. & W. College)