Zoning Map Amendment Discussion

Zoning Map

The Planning Commission will hold a public meeting on Monday, March 9 at 6:00 PM. One of the topics of discussion will be amending the Ferguson Township Zoning Map. Amending the zoning map modifies the district boundaries in areas identified by the Board. The zoning map amendment is a technical, non-substantive exercise that will replace the current zoning district classifications of certain properties that were identified during the first phase of this process. The areas that are a topic for discussion are outlined below with their current zoning districts:

  • The Meadows (Rural Agricultural)
  • Rock Springs (Rural Agricultural)
  • Penn State University lands (Agricultural Research)
  • Harner Farm Lots (Rural Agricultural)
  • Ridge Overlay District (Rural Residential)

Residents of any of these districts are invited to come out and be a part of the discussion. You can view the 2019 Zoning Map here.