Update to Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rental

With the growth of home sharing services, Short Term Rentals have become a divisive topic in the Township. On November 18, 2019, the Board of Supervisors amended Chapter 27, Zoning Ordinance that included new regulations for Short Term Rentals in Ferguson Township. The regulations are intended to balance the economic opportunity created by Short Term Rentals with the need to maintain the Township’s housing supply and protect the right and safety of owners, guests and neighbors.

A Short Term Rental is defined as a the act of offering temporary living quarters within a dwelling unit occupied by the owner or lessee for a negotiated price to a house guest with or without the mediating use of a rental housing exchange agency.

Key regulations include:

  • The dwelling must be the permanent address of the owner of lessee and the owner or lessee must occupy the dwelling for at least six (6) months of the calendar year;
  • The Short Term Rental must provide for one off-street parking space per bedroom available for rental; and
  • Short Term Rentals are subject to enforcement of the Township’s noise, nuisance and property maintenance-related ordinances.

The new regulations require a permit prior to operating a Short Term Rental and pay a onetime fee of $25 with the submitted application. Application packets can be found on our website in the Planning & Zoning Department under “Downloadable Documents”. Please contact the Zoning Administrator in the Planning and Zoning Department at (814) 238-4651 to obtain a permit.