Planned Terraced Streetscape District Rewrite (Ferguson Township - State College Boundary)

The district is located at the Ferguson Township-State College Borough line just west of Buckhout Street and West College Avenue.
Planned Terraced Streetscape Rewrite
Terraced Streetscape District Rental Properties Map

Since its inception in 2011, the Terraced Streetscape District (TSD) has not developed as envisioned. Several obstacles presented themselves to the development of the district, including, but not limited to pedestrian connectivity, traffic, and market demand challenges with property owners.

Elected officials and the Planning Departments within Ferguson Township and State College Borough have expressed an interest in working together to overcome these challenges and create a walkable, mixed-use neighborhood that creates a gateway into both municipalities. 

The Terraced Streetscape District (TSD) is a mixed-use corridor along West College Avenue (State Route 26) from the boundary of State College Borough (Buckhout Street) to the intersection of Blue Course Drive. The Terraced Streetscape District is approximately 45 acres (93 total parcels, and 7 parcels are undeveloped). Penn State’s property accounts for 13% of the existing district. This district provides for a mix of commercial (33%) and residential redevelopment meant to be promoted at a pedestrian scale. While the rest of the Township saw significant development in the last decade, the TSD saw minimal development since the implementation of the TSD zoning and design standards.

Mackin Engineers & Consultants, along with Ferguson Township, will engage in this rewrite and plan for a series of public meetings in the future for citizen input. Ferguson Township will inform residents of these future meetings for public engagement on this project. The Township, working with MACKIN, has developed a 5-task approach for how the process will unfold. The following tasks are outlined below:

  • Task 1: Initial Review, analysis and project introduction
  • Task 2: Public Process
  • Task 3: Drafting the Code
  • Task 4: Refining the Code
  • Task 5: Approval Process

More information about this rewrite will be relayed to Ferguson residents, as well as local stakeholders, as the Township takes next steps relating to the proposal.

Terraced Streetscape District Map