Food Truck Ordinance Amended, Allows Vendors to Operate in Parks in Ferguson Township

The change was voted on by the Board of Supervisors on March 15, 2022.
Food Truck in Ferguson Township

On March 15, 2022, the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors amended Chapter 27—Zoning and now permits food trucks to operate in Township Parks and certain Right-of-Ways. All food vendors that would like to operate a food truck in the Township should obtain approval from the Department of Planning & Zoning.

The Township will be working in collaboration with Centre Region Parks & Recreation, the agency responsible for maintaining most parks in Ferguson Township. All vendors must complete the Food Truck Application found on the Ferguson Township website and obtain a zoning permit from the Department of Planning & Zoning.

While the food vendor is operating in Ferguson Township, zoning permits must be visible in the window of the trucks to inform residents and municipalities that they are licensed to serve food and operate within the Township.

Ice cream trucks continue to be exempt from these regulations. Food trucks are permitted to operate during park hours, and can operate in most right-of-way areas. Food trucks are not permitted to operate in Park Hills, Songbird Sanctuary, and Meadows Park and overnight parking is prohibited in all parks.

For all interested vendors, please see links here for the Ferguson Township Food Truck Application, and information on yearly renewals and inspections.

Jenna Wargo, AICP, Planning & Zoning Director stated, “Over the past decade, food trucks have become a staple in communities particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These small businesses have been hit exceptionally hard, and their contribution to the local economy isn’t inconsequential. Amending the Food Truck Ordinance to allow food trucks to operate easily in Ferguson Township boosts the local economy and helps preserve these small businesses.”