Refuse Collection in Inclement Weather

Refuse in Snow

Due to recent weather conditions, residents have been unsure of Refuse and Recycling Program's weather policy. The Centre Region Council of Governments (COG) wanted to provide the following information to residents: 

  • On under "News", you can see specific roads and lanes updates posted and you can also sign up for email alerts. COG is informed by Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority if they are unable to pick up recycling on certain roads due to weather.
  • Advanced Disposal drivers make a decision whether or not a road or lane is "serviceable" based first on his/her safety, safety of other drivers and residents, and the safety of his/her equipment. 
  • When a driver determines the residence(s) unserviceable, he keeps track of it and reports it to the office at the end of the shift.  There the site manager enters a note of "unable to service due to weather" into the database for each individual residence. It takes several hours to update these accounts so if a resident calls early evening or during the day, the records may not be updated.
  • Advanced Disposal will not be going back to collect missed residencies due to weather UNLESS they suspend service for an entire day or part of a day. 
  • If residents have at-door/walk-up service, they are responsible for keeping the driveway and/or pathway to the refuse clear of snow and ice. Drivers will not pick up trash if those paths are uncleared.
  • Residents should bring back in their trash at the end of the day (after 5 p.m.) and hold it until next week.  
  • Advanced Disposal does not have pick-up trucks like CCRRA does, therefore, AD is unable to maneuver certain roads safely during bad weather conditions.