Beware of Black Bears! Increased Sightings in Ferguson Township

Be sure to report frequent sightings and problem bears to the PA Game Commission.
Black Bears Sighted in Ferguson Township
Bear Family in Pine Grove Mills (2020)

The Ferguson Township Police Department has been receiving an increased amount of calls from residents regarding black bear sightings in the Township, and FTPD would like to inform residents of measures they can take to prevent bears trespassing on their property and in their backyards:

  • Clean all outdoor garbage cans of debris and also clean with bleach
  • Avoid placing trash outside before collection day
  • Clean all outdoor grilling equipment, dispose of grease properly, and bring in any leftover food once finished
  • Consider bringing bird feeders and suet inside at night if possible

If you do see a bear on your property, your best option leave the bear alone, and clean up the bear's mess after it leaves. Be sure to eliminate or properly store what attracted them in the first place, and also inform your neighbors of the sighting to keep the community informed.

Problem bears should be reported to the PA Game Commission Northcentral Region Office at: (570) 398-4744

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