The 2020 Budget Executive Summary Now Online

Budget Executive Summary

Each year, Ferguson Township creates a Budget Executive Summary that helps residents better understand how their tax dollars are utilized. It serves to accompany the Ferguson Township Strategic Plan, Annual Operating Budget, Five-Year Capital Improvement Program, and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Audit).

The 2020 Budget Executive Summary breaks down all five departments (Administration, Finance & Tax, Planning & Zoning, Police, and Public Works) and what they provide for residents. The document includes goals for 2020 that help guide the Township's growth and continued success. Some of those include:

  • Complete the renovations of the municipal building and the construction of the Public Works Maintenance Facility;
  • Conclude reviews of land development plans for Orchard View (formerly Harner Farms) and other subdivisions; 
  • Install traffic signal optimization software to improve coordination between the Township’s traffic signals to allow for smoother traffic flow;
  • Enhance e-Government services with a redesigned webpage, robust citizen services, electronic document management, and more;
  • Bring closure to the friends and families of the victims of unsolved cases in the Township by dedicating additional resources and personnel to their investigations;

The Budget Executive Summary shows what your tax dollars are used for in the Township. For example, for every dollar collected in Real Estate Tax, 79 cents is remitted to the State College Area School District, 16 cents is remitted to Centre County, and 5 cents is remitted to the Township.

Be sure to check out the 2020 Budget Executive Summary for more details!