Recreation, Parks & Open Space Plan

At the Board of Supervisors meeting on February 21, 2023, the Recreation, Parks and Open Space (RPOS) Plan Update for 2023 was approved. You can review the full RPOS Plan for more information.

The purpose of the Plan Update is to:

  1. Identify the status of existing parks and other recreation resources for residents, visitors and those employed in the area with varying interests, ages, and abilities.
  2. Provide a ten-year (10-year) outlook for enhanced, upgraded, and additional parks, recreation, and open space amenities in the Township.
  3. Provide updated park Master Site Plans with associated Planning Level Cost Estimates and Priority Matrices for two (2) existing Township parks:
    1. Fairbrook Park
    2. Greenbriar-Saybrook Park
  4. Identify recommended funding and implementation priorities along with potential sources of funding for parks, open space, and recreation facilities in the Township.

The following are some highlights, based on the desires and needs of Ferguson Township residents. Residents would like to see:

  • the addition of Walking and Bicycle Paths.
  • upgrades and additions to Playgrounds.
  • more opportunities for Passive Recreation and Outdoor/Nature based activities.
  • expanded recreation opportunities for Families, Teens, and People with Disabilities.

Overall, this RPOS Plan shows that Ferguson Township recognizes how integral parks and recreation services are to building a sense of community and providing a high quality of life and wellness to Township residents, visitors, and its workforce. It is intended that the Township will be able to use this Plan to seek funding opportunities to implement Plan Recommendations. Additionally, this Plan will serve as a tool to help the community see the potential for recreation opportunities within the Township, and how they may be able to support, assist or benefit from potential improvements. With the adoption of this Plan, the Township can look forward to a decade of parks, recreation, and open space excellence.

There are currently 12 municipal parks in Ferguson Township with a variety of recreational offerings for residents to enjoy. Click the maps below to expand the images.

Ferguson parks map 1

Ferguson parks map 2