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  • Apr 23 2017
    Hundreds of volunteers assist in the Snetsinger Butterfly Garden (SBG) at Tom Tudek Memorial Park each year. Here s the newest Call for Volunteers from Master Gardener Pam Ford: Dear friends of the Snetsinger Butterfly Garden Over the past 20 years, the gardens at the Snetsinger Butterfly Garden have been a source of inspiration, comfort, discovery and delight for visitors of all ages. The three-acre habitat not only supports an abundance and diversity of wildlife, but also serves as ... details
  • Apr 22 2017
    Centre Region Parks Recreation (CRPR) is Your Recreation Destination for quality programs and events that benefit our entire community. CRPR thanks Ferguson Township residents for your continued support of Centre Region parks and for recognizing the importance of staying active in your community. APRIL CALENDAR April 28: Community Sky Watch at Tudek Park April 29: Ferguson Township Arbor Day Celebration, Snetsinger Butterfly Garden CRPR offers programs for all ages. Visit details
  • Apr 22 2017
    Ferguson Township will celebrate Arbor Day from 10 am to 2 pm Saturday, April 29, in the Snetsinger Butterfly Garden at Tom Tudek Memorial Park. A brief history of Arbor Day J. Sterling Morton is known as the Founder of Arbor Day. A pioneer from Detroit, Morton missed the trees he was accustomed to when he moved west to start a new home in 1854. In 1872, the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture accepted a resolution by Morton to set aside one day each year to plant trees. The Board decla... details
  • Apr 17 2017
    These beautiful spring days bring comfortably cool nights perfect weather for taking the chill off and enjoying the company of friends and family around a roaring fire. The Centre Region Code Administration (CRCA) reminds you there are rules in place to help keep you, your guests, and your neighbors safe as you enjoy the outdoors and the warmth of the fire. In the image above, the two on top are recreational fires, the two at the bottom are portable outdoor fireplaces. With respect to... details
  • Apr 14 2017
    As we know all too well in Centre County, warm weather brings mosquitoes, and mosquitoes bring viruses. The 2017 Centre County West Nile Virus Surveillance and Control season officially began April 17. In Centre County in 2016, there were eight positive tests for West Nile Virus -- two birds, four mosquitoes, and two horses. In the state, there were 1,479 positive tests on birds, mosquitoes and horses. West Nile virus is a mosquito-borne disease that produces severe neurological symptoms... details
  • Apr 12 2017
    Every summer, Ferguson Township Police Sgt. Ryan Hendrick serves as squad leader for 12 boys at Camp Cadet, a weeklong experience for kids ages 12 - 15 who are interested in law enforcement. Camps for boys and girls both take place at Camp Blue Diamond. This year's Camp Cadet for Girls is July 30 - August 5. Camp Cadet for Boys is August 6 - 12. View Sgt. Ryan Hendrick's video invite to this supreme challenge The camp is sponsored by every law enforcement agency in Centre County... details
  • Apr 12 2017
    Here are the top 10 (most read) stories in your April e-Newsletter: Residents responsible for snow plow damage in Township Right-of-Way Comprehensive guide to recycling in Centre Region Brush and Leaf Collection Guidelines Political signs subject to Ferguson Township Code Public Workshop #1: Why a Township adopts an Official Map Police are seeing an increase in distracted driving and school bus violations Township accepting applications for use of S A Field Ferguson Township ... details
  • Apr 8 2017
    At a cost of about $148.23 per resident, our Ferguson Township Public Works Department crews maintain our roadways and shared use paths, provide snow fighting services, curbside brush and leaf collection, stormwater management, and much more. In 2017, Public Works will continue to provide those services as well as undertake projects to improve traffic flow, pedestrian access and safety. Designing and managing an estimated $3,668,600 in capital projects and equipment, the Public Works Depart... details
  • Apr 8 2017
    If you have sidewalks, landscaped bricks, shrubs, mailboxes, basketball hoops or other items in the Township Right-of-Way (ROW), they could be hit when snow plows are operating in your neighborhood. The ROW is the area that extends beyond the pavement edge. In the Township, ROW can vary from 33 feet on an old state road that the Township took over, to 100-plus feet on Blue Course Drive. A typical residential development ROW is between 50 and 60 feet. It is seldom, if ever, the edge of the pav... details
  • Apr 8 2017
    The Local Services Tax (LST) is a state-initiated wage tax to mostly assist rural communities with fire and emergency services. Many rural communities rely on some form of volunteer workers. The state provided the authority of the local municipalities to implement this tax. If implemented by the municipality, the maximum tax is $52 per year per employee, with an exemption of $12,000. For Ferguson Township, The school district receives the first $5 of the tax and the Township receives... details
  • Apr 7 2017
    Ryan Scanlan has joined the Ferguson Township staff in the newly created position of Assistant Township Engineer. His primary responsibility is capital project management including the design, utility coordination, construction management, and inspection of public projects such as roads, parks, and stormwater facilities. He also assists the Township Engineer Ron Seybert with engineering duties, inspections, reports, plan reviews, preparing construction cost estimates, and traffic studies... details
  • Apr 6 2017
    A reminder to residents: temporary political signs are subject to the following under Ferguson Township Code Signs and Billboards-Chapter 19. Temporary event signs may be erected and maintained for a period not to exceed 30 days prior to the date of which the campaign, drive, activity or event advertised is scheduled to occur and shall be removed within three days of the termination of such campaign, drive, activity or event. Now is the time to begin placing signs, as the general primar... details
  • Apr 5 2017
    Ferguson Township is accepting applications from organizations looking to host exhibitions and tournaments at S A Field at the Louis E. Silvi Baseball Complex in 2017. Cost to use the field in 2017 is the same as last year: $125 per game plus $50 per game to use the lights. This cost covers maintenance and preparation of the field. All money goes to the State College Area Teener League. The Township dedicated the field in 2016 after completing many improvements, including Musco Light Structu... details
  • Mar 29 2017
    CATA tests zero-emission battery-electric bus Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) tested an Xcelsior XE40 zero-emissions battery-electric bus on loan from bus manufacturer New Flyer for five days from March 13 through March 17. CATA will consider whether to purchase a bus like it in the future. CATA drivers had the opportunity to put the bus into service while it was here. The 40-foot bus is powered with up to 300 kWh of energy (equivalent to 105,000 AA batteries) stored in... details
  • Mar 26 2017
    C-NET is for your community by Cynthia L. Hahn Executive Director, C-NET Congratulations to Ferguson Township on being ranked the 3rd Best Place to Live in Pennsylvania by! This ranking confirms what you as Township residents already knew your community is a great place to live. Creating great communities doesn t happen by accident. It takes years of thoughtful planning by devoted elected officials, an excellent professional staff, and engaged residents to contribute to the... details
  • Mar 25 2017
    Opportunities for Ferguson Township residents to recycle are abundant. Residents may dispose of hazardous household materials, old furniture and appliances, electronics such as computers and TVs, unused prescription drugs, and yard waste. It's also easy to compost food scraps in your backyard. Household Hazardous Waste Collection April 28 - 29 Residents may bring household insecticides, weed killers, pool chemicals, cleaners, poisons, corrosives, flammables, oil-based paints, CFL bulbs... details
  • Mar 22 2017
    Based on a recent traffic study conducted by the Ferguson Township Engineer, the Board of Supervisors at its Regular Meeting on Monday, March 20, adopted a new speed limit of 45 mph on Blue Course Drive from West College Avenue to Circleville Road. Public Works crews are changing the signs today, Wednesday, March 22, and setting up variable message signs on both ends of the corridor to alert drivers that the new speed limit is 45 mph. While the 85th percentile speed (commonly known as the ... details
  • Mar 20 2017
    We joined one of our Ferguson Township snow plow operators as he cleared the streets of Pine Grove Mills during the March 10th snowstorm. Our Photo Gallery of Snowfall in Ferguson Township captures the pastoral beauty of our area. Our Photo Gallery of Snow Plowing in Pine Grove Mills: Our view of snow fighting operations from inside the plow. Our Winter Walk through Tom Tudek Memorial Park is a quiet, meditative view of the park in winter, the perfect place to bird watch. Our photo tou... details
  • Mar 20 2017
    Real service to residents happens daily and affects residents lives directly. ~ Ferguson Township Manager Mark Kunkle If you're wondering what it costs to provide public services to you on a daily basis, our 2017 Budget Executive Summary is a good place to look. The Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors and Township staff are pleased to invite you to review this 35-page document. Divided into sections about the Township's operations, revenues, expenditures, and goals, it's... details
  • Mar 9 2017
    The hydrologic cycle is the path taken by precipitation as it forms in the sky and falls to the earth as raindrops or snowflakes. The rain or snow melt becomes surface runoff to lakes, ponds and streams as well as groundwater infiltration. This stormwater eventually returns to the atmosphere by evaporation or transpiration to complete the cycle. Ferguson Township is obligated to protect stormwater runoff from pollution under its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit. The progra... details
  • Mar 2 2017
    As a result of the United States Supreme Court's decision in Reed vs. The Town of Gilbert, AZ, in 2016, the Ferguson Township Planning and Zoning staff are revising the existing Signs and Billboards Ordinance to address its content-neutral sign regulations. The Supreme Court decided that municipal sign regulations should adhere to time, place and manner. Content-neutral regulations do not apply to or affect the sign message, or communication on the sign in any way. These regulations do no... details
  • Mar 1 2017
    The time not to prune oak trees begins now and continues through October 31. Residents of Park Hills, Park Forest, and Homestead Farms have received a letter from the Ferguson Township Tree Commission, which advises them of the Township s initiatives to help reduce the effect of oak wilt disease on their oak trees. How the Township is reducing the risk It is now illegal to trim oak trees in Ferguson Township between April 1 and October 31 without a free permit. The Township put this li... details
  • Feb 22 2017
    News from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA), which administers the PENNVEST Homeowner Septic Program, offers low-interest loans to help homeowners cover the costs associated with repairing and replacing old on-lot septic systems. These loans cover the cost of connecting to a public sewer system for the first time. For more information, visit the PHFA website. Questions concerning this program may be directed to Roberta ... details
  • Feb 14 2017 has released its 2016 Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania. Ferguson Township ranks 3rd! Niche gave the Township an overall grade of A+. Previously, Niche had ranked the Township as the 12th Best Place to Live in America for 2016, and the 5th Best Pennsylvania Suburb for 2015. Our congratulations to College Township, which was ranked #1, Harris Township, #9, Patton Township, #11, Park Forest Village, #35, and the Borough of State College, #50. A website that aims to help yo... details
  • Feb 10 2017
    How evergreens enhance your property and the quality of life in Ferguson Township: Great as wind breaks if planted on the north and west sides of a property, reducing heating costs Provide food and cover for many species of birds and wildlife Can be used as a privacy screen Can be used to dampen traffic noise and other unwanted noise Improve air quality Provide shade in the summer Help control/reduce storm water run off Raise property values ... details
  • Jan 27 2017
    Property owners within the East Park Hills Avenue Traffic Calming Plan Study area attended a public meeting at the Ferguson Township Municipal Building on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, for a formal presentation on the study. Township staff and a consultant presented the results of the initial plan, which includes five (5) options that will affect traffic in the East Park Hills Avenue neighborhood. Following the presentation, staff answered property owners' questions about the plan. Once... details
  • Jan 24 2017
    Application forms for the Department of Revenue s Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program are now available for eligible residents to begin claiming rebates on property taxes or rent paid in 2016. It costs nothing to apply for a rebate, and the department reminds residents that applications and free filing help are available at no cost from Department of Revenue district offices, local Area Agencies on Aging, senior centers and state legislators offices. Applications are also available online at... details
  • Jul 7 2016
    Senior citizens, widows, widowers, and disabled persons who meet certain income eligibility guidelines and are homeowners may qualify for a property tax rebate program. The State College Area Board of School Directors resolved at its June 13, 2016 meeting to continue the property tax rebate program first approved on May 4, 2015 for the 2015 tax year. The vote demonstrates its willingness to help such individuals for the 2016-17 fiscal year. The district rebate is calculated on the amount ... details