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  • Apr 23 2019
    The Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors is accepting applications from residents of Ward II to fill a vacant position on the Board. Interested residents must meet the following requirements: Be a citizen of the United States; be 18 years of age at minimum; be a resident of the Township for at least one year prior to July 1, 2019, and be registered to vote in the Township for a minimum of one year prior to July 1, 2019. Please provide a letter of interest and a resume along with your app... details
  • Apr 19 2019
    This National Citizen Survey map shows the distribution of surveys that were mailed to Township residents at large and by ward Last month, 1,700 Township residents selected at random received the National Citizen Survey to rate their quality of life in Ferguson Township. Effective April 18, the survey is available live online so that all Township residents can complete the survey. This link is only for residents who did not receive a survey by mail: details
  • Apr 19 2019
    Note: The North Atherton Street Project Map has been updated, effective April 2019 Centre Region COG General Forum presentation on 2019 Construction Projects in the Centre Region Work will carry through 2019, with phased work zones stretching from Aaron Drive to Park Avenue. Work includes relocation of numerous utility lines, relocation of sewer and water lines, drainage improvements, curbing, sidewalks, ADA ramps, traffic signal upgrades, new concrete median, and paving. The projec... details
  • Apr 14 2019
    2018 photo of a grass height violation in Ferguson Township Ferguson Township Ordinance Officer Stacey Mayes wants to remind residents about some of the ordinance issues that come up during the warmer months: Chapter 2: Animals Unlawful to Allow Animals to Run at Large Part 2 Curbing please clean up any dog feces on both public and private property. Learn more about curbing pets Chapter 10: Health and Safety Part 1: Turf Grass, Weeds and Other Vegetation 101 The seaso... details
  • Apr 13 2019
    At its Regular Meeting on April 1, the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors proclaimed Sunday, May 5, 2019, as Ferguson Township Arbor Day. The supervisors urge all citizens to celebrate and support efforts to protect trees and woodlands in our community. Residents are invited to an Arbor Day and Pollinator Garden Planting from 10 am to 2 pm Sunday, May 5 at Songbird Sanctuary, on Owens Drive. The site is being developed as a passive recreation area. 2019 Arbor Day Proclamation H... details
  • Apr 8 2019
    Now that construction is well underway, the upper portion of the connector trail that provides access to Musser Gap Greenway across Whitehall Road Regional Park relocated last week. It will be restricted to walking and cycling access only. This means that those who are planning to walk or ride the trail and are arriving by vehicle will need to use the off-site parking areas noted below. You no longer will be able to park on the private property in that area. Last fall, the lower portion... details
  • Apr 7 2019
    Suburban Park is getting a master plan update, and residents have been helping to plan the park's future. The Township hosted the third and final public meeting on the Suburban Park Master Plan Update on March 27, 2019. Residents viewed a presentation on the final Master Plan by the Township's consultant, YSM Landscape Architects, as well as a discussion on project costs, phasing, and prioritization and possible grants for consideration. The presentation incorporated suggestions f... details
  • Apr 3 2019
    Share Your Story: An Opportunity to Support the Tom Tudek Memorial Park Trust through Centre Gives and Win a Photo Shoot Invitation to Participate We're introducing a campaign to support the Tom Tudek Memorial Park Trust by inviting you to tell us what Tudek Park means to you. Your Challenge Share your story! Write a brief testimonial (200 words or less) about how you've made Tudek Park part of your life. Our Campaign Criteria We're looking for submissions from people ... details
  • Apr 1 2019
    If you're wondering what it costs to provide public services to you on a daily basis, Ferguson Township's 2019 Budget Executive Summary is a good place to look. This 34-page document serves to supplement the Ferguson Township Strategic Plan, Annual Operating Budget, Five-Year Capital Improvement Program, and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Audit) by providing some useful information to help you better understand how Ferguson Township uses your tax dollars. Learn about the... details
  • Mar 30 2019
    Placing a mulch ring around your tree is one of the most beneficial measures you can take to protect its health. But if done incorrectly, it's also one of the easiest ways to damage it. Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing. Every year trees decline and die due to improper mulching -- more commonly known as mulch volcanoes. Mulch volcanoes are made simply by piling too much mulch against the trunk of the tree. Doing this holds moisture against the back, which causes the tree to... details
  • Mar 20 2019
    Motorists traveling on North Atherton Street will be reminded to obey the posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour, in place because of the ongoing construction project. PennDOT has announced the placement of a radar-controlled speed display sign between Cherry Lane and Hillcrest Avenue. The sign is a reminder to motorists to slow down and curb speeding, a common type of aggressive driving. The sign faces eastbound traffic and uses radar to determine the speeds of oncoming traffic. Vehicle s... details
  • Mar 13 2019
    Thanks to the 26 individuals who attended our March 11 open house on the Northland Area Mobility Study, which is focused on potential safety improvements for pedestrians, bicyclists, bus riders and drivers within the study area. Background In coordination with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA), and the Centre Regional Planning Agency, Ferguson Township is conducting this transportation mobility study to identify... details
  • Feb 25 2019
    Source: U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey The Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors amended the Zoning Ordinance by adopting a new section the Source Water Protection Ordinance and Overlay District at its Regular Meeting on January 21, 2019. The Township's Zoning Administrator will enforce the new ordinance, which took effect Wednesday, February 20. Its purpose is to protect residents health, safety, and welfare and the Township s ecosystems, provide pro... details
  • Feb 22 2019
    By unanimous vote, the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors and Vacancy Board appointed Richard Killian to fill the Ward III vacancy on the Board of Supervisors for a term that will expire December 31, 2019. Killian was sworn in at the Board's Regular Meeting on February 19. Killian previously served on the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission. Learn more ... details
  • Feb 21 2019
    Ferguson Township is completing a major update to both its Zoning and Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO) ordinances. Fifty people joined us for our February 21st open house on the ordinances. We're thankful for an engaged community of residents who have questions about how the proposed updates may affect them. Planning and Zoning Director Raymond Stolinas, Zoning Administrator Jeff Ressler, Community Planner Lindsay Schoch, and Township Manager David Pribulka answered ind... details
  • Feb 21 2019
    Lane Brown is Ferguson Township s newest road worker, and this is his first public works job. I ve always liked working with my hands and being outside, he said, so this opportunity caught my eye. Brown grew up in rural Stormstown, where his family runs Brown s Transportation Services for the State College Area School District, and on his Pap s farm down the road from the family business. So he brings a lot of hands-on experience as a laborer to his new job. As a student, he par... details
  • Jan 28 2019
    Stay informed by signing up for e-mails about whatever interests you: minutes, agendas, events, important news, e-Newsletters, winter weather reminders, and more. Here s a glimpse at what we offer: a monthly e-Newsletter to bring you the latest news and reminders of upcoming events print newsletters in the spring and the fall a comprehensive view of the Township s achievements as well as a seasonal guide to our services for residents agendas and minutes for our... details
  • Aug 20 2018
    The Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) has announced that Ferguson Township has earned its Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its fiscal year beginning January 1, 2018. It's the fourth GFOA award to recognize the Township's annual operating budget. The award represents a significant achievement by the Township. It reflects the commitment of the governing body and staff to meeting the highest principles of governmental budgeting. In ... details