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January 17, 2018

Ferguson Township Elementary School students enrolled in a new environmental club have a plan to plant 300 trees in the Township. The project will support the Plant for the Planet organization's goal of planting 1 trillion trees globally.

Working in cooperation with Ferguson Township and other local partners, the local tree planting will take place in the stormwater management plot behind the West College Avenue Waffle Shop on the Township's Arbor Day event in April. 

The parcel is accessed from Owens Drive, abuts Blue Course Drive, and extends to the rear yards of some residential properties on Conover Lane and McBath Street.

The group aims to work toward developing a passive recreation area at the site, in addition to reforesting with native tree species such as black locust, hickory, aspen, and grey dogwoods to establish a habitat for upland birds. A shared use bike and pedestrian path and a pollinator plot are also being considered for the site. Their goal is to create an inviting forest oasis for local residents to enjoy, as well as a continuous learning and involvement opportunity for Ferguson Township Elementary and other community school students.

The Ferguson Township Tree Commission and new Parks and Recreation Committee will review future plans, as a master plan for the property is developed.

The volunteer group’s tree planting plan consists of the following three phases:

Phase 1 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife to use forestry mowers to clear invasive species and other undesirable plant material from the site. This work will take place in January and February.
Phase 2 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife to further prep the site by selectively applying herbicide to remaining invasive species if needed for further control. This work will occur after new leaves grow in the spring.
Phase 3 - Ferguson Township to celebrate an Arbor Day event in April. Ferguson Township Elementary students and parents and the entire community will be invited. Activities will include the planting of seedlings for reforestation, planting of a pollinator plot, and educational activities pertaining to successional forest and habitat.

Current partners for this event include Ferguson Township, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Central PA Pheasants Forever, the Ferguson Township Elementary Environmental Club, and the Penn State EcoAction Club.

The Ferguson Township Elementary Environmental Club is raising funds for this project, and the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors has appropriated $2,400 to help support it.

Questions about the project may be directed to Lance King, Township Arborist, at, or to David Modricker, Public Works Director, at

Photo: Wonderland Charter School students attended a tree planting at Tom Tudek Memorial Park in celebration of Arbor Day in 2016.

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