Printable Version - Ferguson Township hears presentation on the impact of land use change on the watershed

November 22, 2017

At the Board of Supervisors' Regular Meeting on Monday, November 20, Dr. Chris Duffy of Penn State presented “Watershed Modeling and Landuse Change: A New Approach.” The presentation reviewed a study whose goal, in part, is to “determine historical, present, and future scenarios of land use change in the watershed as a function of population growth.”

In Ferguson Township and the Centre Region, we are fortunate to have a large supply of high-quality water to sustain both human and animal habitats. It is important to understand the impact of agriculture, urban, and suburban land uses on our watershed so that we can be in a better position to achieve smart, sustainable growth while preserving our natural resources.

View the presentation:
Watershed Modeling and Landuse Change: A new approach – Chris Duffy & Lele Shu

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