Printable Version - Have you noticed? Blue Course Drive is greener

July 19, 2017

Those who travel Blue Course Drive may have noticed it looks greener.

In the spring of 2017 Ferguson Township’s tree planting contractor installed 58 additional street trees in the median between West College Avenue and Circleville Road.

The trees are a mix of species, including Purple Robe Black Locust, Magnifica Hackberry, Hardy Rubber Tree, Kentucky Coffee Tree, and London Plane. These species were chosen after soil samples were taken for both their overall toughness in urban conditions and the beauty they will offer the area.

In addition to their aesthetic value, these trees will provide the community with numerous additional benefits as they mature. Studies have shown that street trees help with issues such as traffic calming, storm water control, pavement life, greenhouse gas emissions, and many more.

These trees were planted in addition to the existing trees in the median of Blue Course Drive, and in addition to the other 114 street trees planted by Ferguson Township this past spring.

If you have questions regarding street trees, or would like to request a tree planting in front of your property, please contact the Township Arborist Lance King at (814) 238-4651, or by email at

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