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April 28, 2017

Ferguson Township staff and the Ferguson Township Tree Commission have completed their first five-year tree plan for managing and maintaining the Township’s urban forest.

Begun in the summer of 2015 and produced by the Tree Commission and Township Arborist, Lance King, the 2017 - 2022 Ferguson Township Tree Plan is necessary to guide the management of the Township’s continuously growing urban forest.

Completion of the plan comes at a time when the Township is preparing to celebrate Arbor Day tomorrow. The Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors has proclaimed Saturday, April 29, as Arbor Day in Ferguson Township. View 2017 Arbor Day Proclamation.

As no two cities or towns are the same, no two tree plans are alike. Typical components of a plan include tree planting, tree maintenance, public education, and objectives of the program. The Township’s plan has been crafted to ensure it meets the Township’s needs and goals.

The plan will be revised and updated in 2022 to prepare for the next five years.

We invite you to read the plan and learn about the program. The urban forest provides us with numerous benefits and is a great resource to our community.

View 2017 - 2022 Ferguson Township Tree Plan

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