Printable Version - New Residents Guide available

May 23, 2016

New residents of Ferguson Township, or those who may be planning to relocate here, are invited
to consult the Township's New Residents Guide called "Welcome to Your Community."

Available to view online, with clickable links to helpful resources, this 22-page guide provides the following:

Print copies are available by request.

We’re glad you chose Ferguson Township to live, work, study, and visit. We hope our "Welcome to Your Community" New Residents Guide informs you about all the benefits of being part of this community.

Those of you who call Ferguson Township home rely on daily services provided by our Public Works crews, and our police who help to ensure your neighborhoods are safe.

You also value our commitment to preserving our agricultural heritage and our wide open spaces, responsible development, and to doing all we can to promote a sustainable community.

In addition, we invite you to view our Welcome to Ferguson Township video.

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