Printable Version - COG bike survey results: Township residents prefer the safety of bicycling on shared paths

September 18, 2015


Residents who participated in a bike survey last spring overwhelmingly cited safety as their concern, 
noting they prefer bicycling on our shared use paths to riding next to motorists on the roads.

As part of the Centre Region Bike Plan, the COG Transportation and Land Use (TLU) Committee
administered an online survey from March 16 through June 1, 2015.  The survey results
were released 
on August 5. View the full Centre Region Bike Plan Online Survey Spring 2015 at this link or at

The purpose of this online survey was to collect information about:

    •    Who is biking and why
    •    What discourages people from biking
    •    What would encourage people to bike
    •    Where bicycle facility improvements are needed

Here’s a summary of responses from 134 Ferguson Township residents who participated in the survey.

How often they ride



How long they’ve been riding



As bicyclists, describe themselves as:


When they ride

Why they ride

How far do they ride?

What discourages them from riding

Excerpts from additional comments

Their preferred bike facilities

    •    paved bike path—88 percent
    •    natural surface trail52 percent
    •    bike lane
40 percent
    •    bike route
13 percent
    •    on-street shared lane
13 percent

What would definitely encourage them to ride more often

Respondents also listed specific locations and descriptions of places where additional bicycle facilities are needed, such as:

What activities would be potentially effective in improving bicycling conditions in the Centre Region:

They also listed ways motorists need to be better educated, including:

The report includes five pages of suggestions/comments in response to this question.

Bicyclists also need to be educated:

Six pages of suggestions/comments follow in response to this question.

The report concludes with four pages of final suggestions/comments.

Age and gender of respondents:











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