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September 1, 2015

In April 2015, Ferguson Township was named a Certified Gold Community by Sustainable PennsylvaniaCertified Gold Community - Ferguson Township
We were glad to be recognized for our commitment to preserving our agricultural heritage and our
wide open spaces, to responsible development, and doing all we can to promote a sustainable community.

The Township's sustainable initiatives include:

Agricultural Preservation

Ferguson Township is committed to preserving its agricultural heritage. 

Our Township is home to numerous farms run by hard working families who want to keep
farming generation after generation.

The Agricultural Conservation Easements acquire the development rights to these agricultural properties.Through the Agricultural Conservation Easement program, the property owners continue normal agricultural activities and still own their properties.

Each farm is located in an Agricultural Security Area (ASA). A 1981 Pennsylvania law established ASAs
to help families who want to continue farming preserve their land and farming operations.

Landowners can enroll their property in an ASA. The benefits to ASA-protected farms are numerous:
These farm operations and property are exempt from nuisance ordinances such as noise and odor,
as well as protected from acquisition of the land by government agencies to construct new roadways (although the roadways can be widened).

By applying for an Agricultural Conservation Easement, farm owners can also sell their development rights. 

Ferguson Township contributed $47,403 to help purchase the Agricultural Conservation Easements to these three farms. The Township contributes $150 an acre towards the agricultural conservation easement purchase price and appropriates $15,000 annually in our budget to be prepared any time a Township farm is being considered for an Agricultural Conservation Easement. As such, we now have 20 properties in Ferguson Township with agricultural conservation easements on them. Our Township is one of the few municipalities in Centre County that participates financially in this program.

Learn more about our Sustainable Pennsylvania Certified Gold Community recognition and how Ferguson Township is addressing these areas by visiting our website page. Or, contact Dave Pribulka, Township Manager, at (814) 238-4651.


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