Ordinances to be aware of during the warmer months

Date: April 14, 2019

2018 photo of a grass height violation in Ferguson Township

Ferguson Township Ordinance Officer Stacey Mayes wants to remind residents about some of the ordinance issues that come up during the warmer months:

Chapter 2: Animals—Unlawful to Allow Animals to Run at Large
Part 2—Curbing—please clean up any dog feces on both public and private property.

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Chapter 10: Health and Safety—Part 1: Turf Grass, Weeds and Other Vegetation
101 – The season runs from April 1 through October 31; grass can be no more than 6 inches high.
106 – The owner, either vacant or occupied, has the responsibility to cut the grass to regulation height.
10-105. 1: Exception for land in the Rural Agricultural (RA), Rural Residential (RR), and Agricultural Research (AR) Zoning Districts.

Part 6Abandoned and Nuisance Motor Vehicles
602 – Includes vehicles with no current inspection, license plate, wrecked, dismantled, unable to operate, flat tires, broken windshields and grilles, missing doors/trunks. *Exemptions are vehicle repair shops, body repair, auto wrecking, junk and scrap yards and auto dealerships, restoration vehicles, restoration parts vehicles, and competition vehicles.

Chapter 27: Zoning—Part 8: Supplemental Regulations. 27-809 – Off-Street Parking
1. A. General Regulation 2. Location (e) – parking of self-propelled motor vehicles (not including recreational) is prohibited on the lawn or in yard or in yard areas for all residential uses in all districts.  This does not include the incidental parking of vehicles for washing and cleaning.

Chapter 19: Signs and Billboards—Section 6: Prohibited Signs 
Rules Governing Political Signs: 9. Signs within the Township right-of-way, except for governmental signs/regulatory signs and official traffic signs.

Residents are asked not to place any political signs in the Township right-of-way—between the roadside curb and the sidewalk, or if no sidewalk, not less than three (3) feet from the roadside/curb. 

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Chapter 21: Streets and Sidewalks--Part 3: Dropping or Deposit of Material on Streets

Road Worker Safety and Road Conditions

Road construction projects are underway near and within the Township. Please slow down while driving
through these areas, both for your safety and for the safety of the construction workers. With the thawing
of ground, mud and stones from construction sites may collect on the roadway. Per the Ferguson Township
Ordinance, construction companies are required to remove such materials in a timely manner, if possible
without affecting the traffic flow on these roads.