Online National Citizen Survey open to all Township residents

Date: April 19, 2019

This National Citizen Survey map shows the distribution of surveys that were mailed to Township residents at large and by ward

Last month, 1,700 Township residents selected at random received the National Citizen Survey™ to rate their quality of life in Ferguson Township.

The survey is available online through Thursday, May 2, so that all Township residents can complete the survey.

This link is only for residents who did not receive a survey by mail:

Please note: Residents who received the survey by mail are encouraged to complete the print version or the designated online link you were provided with your mailing. 

On behalf of Ferguson Township, National Research Center, Inc., in partnership with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), is asking residents to participate in this community survey about their quality of life. 

Participants are being asked how they rate Ferguson Township on these qualities:

• As a place to live, work, visit, retire, raise children
• As a safe community
• Ease of travel and commuting; traffic flow
• Natural environment
• Housing options, including affordability 
• Recreational and fitness opportunities
• Opportunities to get involved in Township matters
• Openness and acceptance of the community toward people of diverse backgrounds 

In addition, the Township is interested to know whether participating residents have made efforts to conserve water, talked to their immediate neighbors, observed and reported a code violation, or attended a public meeting—all indicators of how concerned, active and engaged residents are in this community.  

The residents selected at random received three mailings: 1) a postcard notifying them that the survey is coming, 2) the survey of 13-plus questions and instructions, and 3) a follow-up letter and survey reminding them to participate. Participating residents received a postage-paid return envelope and a link specific to their residential area where they can complete the survey online.  

The last time Ferguson Township asked residents to participate in a community survey was in 2011. The 2019 survey will evaluate how policies and programs implemented since 2011 have improved or worsened resident satisfaction across a number of service areas. 

The Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors authorized the National Citizen Survey from ICMA and National Research Center, given their 20 years of experience measuring needs and organizational performance in local government.  

Ferguson Township Assistant to the Manager Centrice Martin has been working collaboratively with the Township's Department Directors and the National Research Center to facilitate the process of surveying Township residents. “I am excited that the Township is offering this survey to our residents,” she said, “and I encourage all of our residents to participate and respond."