How to make snow and ice removal easier

Date: February 20, 2019


Our snow fighters are working hard to keep streets safe for driving. When you help our plow drivers get through by moving your parked cars off the street, you're working with them to make snow removal easier.

A parked car seriously impairs a plow driver's ability to maneuver a wing plow through the street. And when a car is left behind, the snow around the car that doesn't get plowed turns hard and becomes an obstacle to every driver trying to pass through. Winter Operations and Snow Regulations

Your neighbors also are counting on you to clear your sidewalks after a snowfall. The Ferguson Township Code of Ordinances requires residents to clear them when any amount of snow or ice has accumulated — keeping them safe for all pedestrians, including disabled persons. Sidewalks must be cleared after any amount of snowfall

Your fellow drivers are depending on you to clear your vehicle of snow and ice. Pennsylvania law requires it so that your vehicle doesn't endanger your own and others' safety. Not only can snow or ice on the windshield and windows significantly reduce visibility, it can easily become a projectile that endangers others on the road. Even if you keep a safe distance from vehicles in front of you, you risk not being able to see if snow or ice from your car's roof slides into view on your windshield. Is your vehicle clear of snow?

For your own safety, we encourage you to shovel safely after a snow storm. Be aware of the risks and take precautions. Shovel snow safely

Learn more at the links below, including our Winter Weather Fact Sheets on being prepared for a winter emergency, what to do if you encounter whiteout conditions, . We hope you find this archive to be a helpful resource. 

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