Residents brought questions on how the zoning ordinance will affect them

Date: February 21, 2019

Ferguson Township is completing a major update to both its Zoning and Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO) ordinances.

Fifty people joined us for our February 21st open house on the ordinances. We're thankful for an engaged community of residents who have questions about how the proposed updates may affect them.

Planning and Zoning Director Raymond Stolinas, Zoning Administrator Jeff Ressler, Community Planner Lindsay Schoch, and Township Manager David Pribulka answered individual questions about how the updates may affect residents.  They were joined by Carolyn Yagle, Planning Consultant from Environmental Planning & Design in Pittsburgh. The staff has been working with EPD for nearly two years to coordinate the updates.

Questions residents asked at the open house: 

• Is the zoning changing on my property? 
• What is the current zoning designation on my property? 
• If I want to place a shed or other accessory building on my property, what are the requirements? 
• I live in the _____ Zoning District and I want to subdivide my land. Where should I start? 
• This ordinance is a large document that contains a lot of details. Where can I go for a quick guide telling me what to do? 
• How has the Zoning Ordinance changed with this update? 
• How has the Township taken into consideration potential requests for different uses, keeping with the changing times, such as microbreweries and wineries? 

Staff displayed the newly proposed Zoning Map (see link below), Overviews of each zoning district, the lot/dwelling relationship example for the Rural Agricultural Zoning District, and the Land Use Regulations Summary Table.

Draft Zoning Ordinance_January 2019
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Draft Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance_January 2019
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2019 Zoning Map
The Ferguson Township Zoning Map was updated and signed on January 21, 2019. The Zoning Map

displays the Township's Zoning Districts and Riparian Buffer Overlay Districts. The Source Water
Protection Overlay is effective 30 days after adoption, which makes the effective enforcement date
February 20, 2019. Click the image at right to enlarg