Detectives seek public's help in solving the Jean Tuggy homicide

Date: January 30, 2019

If you knew Jean Tuggy, or live in the village where she lived and died at the hands of a killer three years ago on January 20, you may be able to help Ferguson Township Police solve her murder. 

For the first time in the Ferguson Township Police Department’s history, police have dedicated a cold case team to investigate three unsolved cases, including the homicide of Tuggy, a 60-year-old resident of Pine Grove Mills, and the disappearances of Jennifer Cahill Shadle and Cindy Song. Detectives Caleb Clouse and Joshua Martin started looking at the cases three months ago. 

In the Tuggy case alone, they have read more than 700 pages of reports, not including photos, attachments, and cell phone records. “We’re getting up to speed on the case, looking at it with fresh eyes, and asking questions,” said Clouse. He and Martin are conducting interviews with anyone that knew Tuggy or may have information about her. 

“Any knowledge about the victim in this case and any information could be helpful,” Clouse said. “We’re asking the public not to assume that we have all of the information we need.” 

As police detectives, Clouse and Martin follow the evidence. “I want to be able to connect certain facts by reviewing the evidence. I could theorize all day long but we’re not trained to think like that,” he said. Following a hunch could lead them down the wrong path.

However, a resident who has a hunch is welcome to share it with the police. Police are interested in talking to Pine Grove Mills residents who may have information, but have yet to be interviewed about the case. “There are many people we would like to talk to,” Clouse said. “The public typically is a huge help in unsolved cases.”

“If these were easy cases, they would be solved,” he added. “We’re working hard to investigate and we are taking our responsibility seriously. We are investing all of our time and effort into solving these cases. That’s how much we care about this.” 

“Our goal is to do everything in our power to bring justice for Tuggy, her family and friends,” Clouse said. “We’re eager and we’re ready for the challenge.”

How to contact police with information
Call police at 1.800.479.0050, email the department at, or submit an Anonymous Tip. If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1.