Pedestrian advisory continues for North Atherton project

Date: January 4, 2019


Construction along North Atherton is challenging for many customers—drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists included. PennDOT Press Officer Marlaine Fannin has provided a pedestrian safety advisory for the project.

Currently, PennDOT is directing pedestrians to use the signalized intersections of  Aaron Drive, Hillcrest Avenue, Park Avenue, and Blue Course Drive. Pedestrians may cross at other locations should they wish to do so, but PennDOT does not recommend crossing at locations that offer no protected phase.  
Residents have expressed their concerns to PennDOT about the lack of crosswalk signals during this time at intersections such as North Hills Place, a popular crossing to the Northland Center area businesses.

Fannin said PennDOT understands and appreciates residents' concerns, but is unable to place new signal heads at unprotected intersections without all of the proper equipment. Poles for the other locations are back-ordered because of a larger demand than can be filled by a limited number of suppliers.

She added that PennDOT does not expect poles to arrive until February 22 at the earliest. This means that the intersection at North Hills Place will not be back into normal pedestrian modes until March.
Construction activities on this project will continue through most of 2019.  Next year, there will be impacts to sidewalks and pedestrian crossings in the area of the Big Hollow culvert near Cherry Lane, and from Cherry Lane to Park Avenue, starting in the spring and continuing through early fall. 
The signal at Cherry Lane will remain in the temporary mode until the left side of Work Zone D is completed next year, which will be near the end of June.  Cherry Lane will not have pedestrian signal heads installed for the crossing of Atherton Street until then.
PennDOT appreciates the patience pedestrians and our other customers have shown during this challenging project. PennDOT will continue to review and evaluate pedestrian movements and detours throughout this project and will continue its efforts to communicate with customers in a timely manner, using a variety of formats.

Follow the North Atherton Street project updates through Ferguson Township's website and social media channels, or at this PennDOT link