Winter shutdown of North Atherton Street project to bring motorists some relief

Date: December 6, 2018

At a Winter Media Day on Tuesday, December 4, PennDOT officials provided a long-range view of the North Atherton Street project – including news that will come as a relief for motorists traveling in the area. A winter shutdown in January will last until the beginning of March 2019, when the contractor will resume work.

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The inspector in charge of the project, Mark Maney, expects crews to keep working until the second week in January, weather permitting. 

During the winter shutdown, all lanes will be open; there will be two lanes inbound and two lanes outbound.

Maney reported that the project is running ahead of schedule, allowing the contractor to begin phases originally scheduled later in 2019. To date, the following work has been completed in the gray area left of Big Hollow Culvert on the map:

• new sewer
• new water line
• new drainage
• new curb
• new sidewalk
• gas line relocated (Allegheny Contracting)
• sewer line (UAJA) completed from the west side of the project to Big Hollow.

Work zones A and B of zones A through F have been done this year. The contractor currently is working on the water line from the west side to the east side of the project. A couple of retaining walls also need to be done; they may be put on hold until 2019. 

Work Zone D was scheduled to begin next year but PennDOT has a jump start on it this year.  The bulk of power and utility communication lines have been relocated. Verizon is still doing some of its contract work and should be done no later than March so that PennDOT can begin the Big Hollow box culvert project. A sewer line for The Borough of State College Public Works needs to be installed before the box culvert project can start. 

March 27 – April 5: The contractor has 10 days to install the box culvert and will be working 24/7 to complete it. Traffic on Atherton Street will be reduced to one lane in each direction.

April – June: The contractor will be working from Big Hollow to Hillcrest Avenue. Paving of Atherton Street will be in progress.

May 6 – May 23: The contractor will reconstruct the entire width of the roadway from West Mitchell Avenue to West Hillcrest Avenue.

June – August: From Hillcrest Avenue to Park Avenue, work again will take place 24/7. Traffic will be restricted to one lane in each direction to allow the road to be reconstructed and upgraded to meet design standards. The schedule will accommodate local events taking place.

Repaving of the entire corridor will take place in 2019. The North Atherton Street Project is to be completed by October 18, 2019.

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