Tree Commission

Date: August 19, 2019
Time: 5:30 PM

August 19, 2019
Regular Meeting Agenda
5:30 pm 


Call to Order 

Citizens Input For Items Not On The Agenda 
Any citizens in attendance are welcome to address the FTTC at this time. 

Allyson Muth Introduction 
The FTTC shall welcome the newest member of the commission and provide brief introductions. 

July 15th Meeting Minutes 
The FTTC shall review and approve the minutes from the July meeting. 

Tree Replacement Maps 
The Arborist has prepared tree replacement maps for the removals approved at the July meeting. The FTTC shall review the maps and recommend any changes as needed. 

Ridge Overlay Discussion 
The Chairman has requested a discussion on the ridge overlay section of the township zoning ordinance including its requirements, and relationship to zoning districts. 

Outreach and Education 
The Chairman has requested a discussion regarding outreach and education to residents by the FTTC. Topics include tree education, benefits of trees, and their role in the ecosystem. 

Tree Preservation Ordinance 
The Chairman shall provide an update on the progress made drafting the tree preservation ordinance. 

Arborist's Report
The Arborist will review work activities and plan reviews since the last meeting. 

Communications to Commission Members 
This is an opportunity for FTTC members to report on any contact by residents regarding FTTC matters. 

Future Agenda Items 
Tree Preservation Ordinance, Tree Pruning Contract, Planting Opportunities 

Next meeting date and time is 5:30 pm Monday, September 16

August 19, 2019 Tree Commission Agenda

2019 Tree Commission Meeting Schedule