Tree Commission

Date: June 17, 2019
Time: 5:30 PM

Regular Meeting Agenda
June 17, 2019
5:30 pm


Call to Order

May 20 Meeting Minutes

The FTTC shall review and approve the minutes from the May meeting.

FTTC Land Development Review Process
Ferguson Township Planning and Zoning Staff will be in attendance at the meeting to discuss the FTTC role in the review of land development plans.

Pine Hall Master Plan Review
The FTTC has requested a discussion on the Pine Hall Master plan. Ferguson Township Planning and Zoning Staff will be in attendance to assist with facilitating this discussion.

Orchard View Land Development Review
The Chairman has requested that the FTTC review this plan at the meeting and produce comments to be included in the review process.

Tree Preservation Ordinance
The FTTC shall further discuss the tree preservation ordinance and determine if funding for a consultant should be requested in the 2020 budget.

Public Education and Outreach
The FTTC shall discuss public education and outreach by the commission. Discussion items include public engagement, information delivery, funding.

Arborist's Report
The Arborist will review work activities and plan reviews since the last meeting.

Communications to Commission Members
This is an opportunity for FTTC members to report on any contact by residents regarding FTTC matters.

Future Agenda Items
Tree Preservation Ordinance, SALDO/Zoning Update, Stormwater Fee

Next meeting date and time is 5:00 pm Monday, July 15 (30 minutes earlier than the usual meeting time) for the Township tree tour

June 17, 2019 FTTC Agenda

2019 Tree Commission Meeting Schedule