Tree Commission

Date: April 15, 2019
Time: 5:30 PM

Monday, April 15, 2019
Meeting Agenda
5:30 pm

Call to Order

March 18th Meeting Minutes

The FTTC shall review and approve the minutes from the March meeting.

Tree Preservation Ordinance
Dr. Elmendorf will be in attendance to aid the FTTC in the continued discussion of developing a tree
preservation ordinance for Ferguson Township. Included in the agenda packet are information and
examples of tree preservation ordinances provided by the Chair.

Tree Canopy Survey
Kristina Aneckstein, Ferguson Township GIS Technician, will be in attendance to provide an update on the
feasibility of the Township completing a tree canopy survey utilizing Township staff. The FTTC shall make
a recommendation on whether this work should continue, or if funds should be requested in the 2020
budget to have a contractor complete this work.

Arbor Day 2019
The Arborist will provide an update on the 2019 Arbor Day event.

2019 C-13 Street Tree Planting
The Arborist will provide an update on the above contract.

Arborist's Report:
The Arborist will review work activities and plan reviews since the last meeting.

Communications to Commission Members
This is an opportunity for FTTC members to report on any contact by residents regarding FTTC matters.

Future Agenda Items
Tree Preservation Ordinance, SALDO/Zoning Update

Next meeting date and time: 5:30 pm May 20

April 15, 2019 FTTC Agenda

2019 Tree Commission Meeting Schedule