Ferguson Township Police report calls for service and citations during winter storm

Date: November 19, 2018

A Ferguson Township Police cruiser vehicle camera captured this view of Winter Storm Avery


Ferguson Township Chief of Police Chris Albright said his department responded to three weather-related crashes, 24 snow-related calls, and more than 60 "no parking" violations during Winter Storm Avery last week.

  • Motorists in those crashes were driving too fast or their vehicles were not properly equipped for winter weather conditions. 
  • Police assisted motorists who became stuck, stranded, slid off the road, or encountered tree limbs or other obstacles in the road. 
  • Police cited 63 vehicle owners for leaving their cars parked on the street; all cars in violation were ticketed.

Residents and businesses are reminded that vehicles need to be removed from the street after two or more inches of snow have fallen. This allows our snow plows to operate safely and effectively. 

Police observed a number of residents shoveling snow into the street, creating obstacles for motorists, plows and emergency vehicles. Residents are reminded not to push or blow their snow onto the roadways. The Ferguson Township Code of Ordinances Chapter 21 on Streets and Sidewalks, Part 3, §21-301, makes it unlawful to drop or deposit material on the street, including snow and ice. 

§ 21-301 Unlawful to Drop or Deposit Material on Street.
[Ord. 50, 4/24/1972, § 1; as amended by Ord. 728, 4/19/1999, § 2]

No person shall drop or deposit or permit to be dropped or deposited any earth, stones, mud, rubbish,
snow, ice or other material on the roadway of the public streets or roads in the Township of Ferguson.

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