October Calls for Service: Residents fell victim to scams

Date: November 13, 2018

Our Helpful Tips for Residents flyer advises how to protect yourself from scams and frauds. Unfortunately, the FTPD’s October 2018 Statistics and Calls for Service included a number of Ferguson Township residents who fell victim to scam artists. Police continue to investigate the following:

  • A resident contacted about an approved loan was instructed to pay the $3,500 processing fee via Google Play cards and completed the transaction. 
  • In response to a “spoofed” email that appeared to be from a trusted vendor, a non-profit organization wired $5,500 to the suspect, falling victim to an email “phishing” scam. 
  • At least 13 international students became the victim of a rental scam. Using social media, the suspect(s) pretended to be a third-party property management company. The suspect claimed the ability to offer cheaper rental rates for students. The students sent their rent payments to the fictitious company, but their rent was never paid. To date, the loss exceeds $20,000. 

Please consult our Helpful Tips and contact police if you encounter a scam or attempted scam. 

How to Contact Police