Upper portion of Musser Gap Greenway open only to walkers, hikers and cyclists

Date: April 30, 2019

Centre Region Parks and Recreation (CRPR) and Ferguson Township would like to remind the community that the upper portion of the Musser Gap Greenway is open only to walkers, hikers and cyclists.  The informal dirt parking area that was available was removed once the construction fence was moved to the edge of the property line. 

This means that those who are planning to walk or ride the trail and are arriving by vehicle will need to use the off-site parking areas noted below. You no longer will be able to park on the private property in that area.

Last fall, the lower portion of the connector trail was relocated to take users through Whitehall Road Regional Park’s woods, reconnecting users to the Musser Gap Greenway on the south side of the woods, keeping hikers, cyclists, and dog walkers away from any construction. There is temporary signage in place as well as trail blazes to help users find their way on the new trail.

As noted, the upper portion of the trail will be relocating approximately 50 feet to the west to accommodate construction in the area, which will eliminate any parking.

Trail users will be able to: 

1) Park at High Point Park (855 Whitehall Road), use the sidewalk on the north side of the street, and cross over Whitehall Road to access the trail;
2) Park at the State College Alliance Church (1221 W. Whitehall Road) and cross over Whitehall Road to access the trail; or
3) Use the Musser’s Gap Trailhead Parking Lot (off Route 45).

The State College Alliance Church has graciously offered its lower parking lot for use by any trail users.  The church staff recommend parking lot use after 4 pm on weekdays, anytime on Saturdays, and after 2 pm on Sundays  Church staff respectfully ask trailer users not to block the portion of parking lot area that is painted as an outdoor basketball court. 

Please remember that High Point Park is owned by the State College Borough. The park is open from dawn to dusk; no overnight parking is permitted. 

Please use great caution crossing Whitehall Road, where traffic can be heavy at times. 

As construction continues and trail conditions change, Centre Region Parks and Recreation and Ferguson Township will continue to keep the general public up-to-date.   

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