25 mph speed limit signs are posted on West Whitehall Road in Fairbrook

Date: October 3, 2018

Motorists traveling into the Fairbrook section of West Whitehall Road are advised that the maximum speed limit has been reduced to 25 miles per hour. Permanent signs now alert motorists to "Reduce Speed" and limit their speed to 25.

The Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors amended the Code of Ordinances to reduce the speed limit following a public hearing at its Regular Meeting on September 4, The reduction is effective between Tadpole Road and a point 0.23 miles west of Tadpole Road on West Whitehall Road. 

The amendment effectively eliminates or supersedes the previous maximum speed limit of 30 miles per hour.

This part of West Whitehall Road in Fairbrook meets the definition of a "Residential District" in Title 67, Chapter 212 of the Pennsylvania Code and, therefore, the speed limit may be set at 25 miles per hour without further study.

Excessive speeding has been identified along this section of Whitehall Road by the Ferguson Township Police Department. The hope is that a reduced speed limit, along with enforcement, will discourage speeding by signaling to motorists that this is a residential neighborhood. 

Signed Amendment_Ordinance 1044