Ensuring that real estate tax payments are correct

Date: September 5, 2018

Ferguson Township's Finance Department's recommendations for ensuring that real estate tax payments are correct:

  • Make payments on or preferably before the due dates. 
  • If there are any errors with the payment, the bill cannot be considered paid timely.  Paying a few days early or more will allow time to correct the errors before the due date.
  • If there are errors with a payment at the end of a due date, such as a discount or face period, the Township cannot accept the payment. 
  • Tax will be considered paid when there are no errors. Errors with the payment may disqualify it from the discount or face amount.
  • If a payment has errors when made at the end of the year, the Township will remit the bill to the county as unpaid.
  • The Township will accept postmark dates if mailed. When made in person, the payment is credited on the date it is actually made. 
  • Please ensure the amount paid matches the tax bill amount for the period being paid.
    • Pay the discount amount in the discount period.
    • Pay the face amount in the face period
    • Pay the penalty amount in the penalty period.
  • If paying by check, please ensure the numerical amount matches the written amount. The bank will not accept a check when the amounts do not match.  If the bank rejects a payment with errors, it will be considered unpaid.

Thanks for your cooperation!