Living in the West Beaver Avenue area? Parking permits are required

Date: August 7, 2018

Chapter 15 of the Ferguson Township Code of Ordinances aims to preserve the quiet and sanctity of our neighborhoods and keep streets accessible for our residents.

Part 4, General Parking Regulations, 15-409, Residential Permit Parking,designates the following as residential permit parking areas:

  • Both sides of West Beaver Avenue 
  • The entire length of West Beaver Avenue in Ferguson Township 
  • Both sides of Hoy Street from West College to West Beaver avenues 
  • Both sides of Osmond Street from West College Avenue to the Ferguson Township/State College Borough boundary
  • Butz Street from West Beaver Avenue to Calder Street (both sides, north side area, bounded by and including Highland alley from Corl Street on the west for a distance of 83 feet east)

The Township has posted signs along each of these streets to indicate the days, hours, locations and conditions under which parking shall be by permit only.

These streets’ proximity to downtown State College and campus makes them high commuter areas that are more likely to bring traffic congestion to those neighborhoods.

The ordinance intends to keep traffic flowing smoothly, reduce the level of noise and air pollution, and protect the right of our residents to be able to park in their own neighborhoods. In the interest of ensuring primary access to available parking spaces by residents and businesses, the residential parking permit program gives residents preference during certain hours of the day and days of the week.

To apply for a residential parking permit

Residents and business owners whose properties are immediately adjacent to a street or other location within a residential permit parking area may apply for a permit from the Ferguson Township Chief of Police.

Each application shall include the owner/driver’s name, address and driver’s license number; the make, model and registration number of the motor vehicle, and other reasonable information deemed necessary by the Township to issue and control permits. 

Owner-occupied residences may apply for up to four (4) permits for residence or parcel. Leased residences may apply for up to three (3) permits per residence and a maximum of four (4) per parcel. Businesses may apply for up to two (2) permits per business and a maximum of four (4) per parcel. 

Contact the Ferguson Township Police Department (FTPD) at (814) 237-1172 or visit the FTPD at 3147 Research Drive to apply for a permit. Failing to obtain a parking permit will result in the issuance of a parking ticket.

Have you placed your permit correctly on your vehicle?

Every vehicle parked along West Beaver Avenue, Hoy Street, Osmond Street, and Butz Street is required to display a residential parking permit on the lower left side of the rear view window. The permit number needs to be visible. 

Learn more about residential parking permit requirements

Learn more about Chapter 15: Motor Vehicles and Traffic. Part 4. General Parking Regulations. §15-409. Residential Permit Parking