Celebration in Tudek Park: Resident donates Little Free Library

Date: June 22, 2018

Last October, Ferguson Township resident Jennifer Black reached out to the Township about donating a Little Free Library to install at Tom Tudek Memorial Park.  “I'm doing the project in honor of my mother who passed away 10 years ago, was a teacher and passionate about education,” she wrote. 

Little Free Library’s mission is “Take a Book. Share a Book.” Readers around the country are helping to place little free libraries where they can make a difference in people’s lives.

The Little Free Library website offers a multitude of models as well as posts and kits to build your own. Jennifer ordered the green two-story shed for Tudek Park. 

On Thursday, June 21, she brought her four children, mother-in-law and father-in-law to Tudek Park to participate in its installation. Joined by Ferguson Township Manager David Pribulka, Assistant to the Manager Centrice Martin, and Communications Coordinator Diana Griffith, she watched as Centre Region Parks and Recreation Manager Jim Carpenter and his staff dug the hole, installed the post, and secured Tudek Park's Little Free Library to its post. She and the children helped shovel dirt around the post to secure it.   

The family and a friend brought boxes of books to donate to the library. Each book is stamped “Tudek Park Little Free Library" to ensure its safe return to that location.

The library’s plaque reads: “Ana T. Ravelo-Ortiz, mother, teacher and mentor.” Next time you visit Tudek Park, take a book or share a book with the Little Free Library donated in her memory.

Ferguson Township thanks Jennifer and her family for this wonderful donation.

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