Anticipate delays during paving and other work on Township roads

Date: July 10, 2018


Motorists can anticipate lane closures and delays to continue on five Ferguson Township roads where cold-in-place recycling has been completed and paving is in progress over the next few weeks.  

Work has been taking place on the following roads:

1. Tadpole Road between Whitehall Road and Gatesburg Road
2. Gatesburg Road from Scotia Range Road to 1400 Gatesburg Road
3. Pine Hall Road between Science Park Road and Science Park Court
4. East Chestnut from South Water Street to Mountain Stone Road
5. Sycamore Drive from Meckley Drive to end

Learn about Cold-in-Place Recycling

The Cold-in-Place Recycling (CIPR) method of repaving a road removes and reuses the existing asphalt surface. The road construction crew grinds 4 - 5 inches off the existing asphalt surface, mixes the crushed asphalt with an asphalt recycling agent, and immediately places it back on the road with a paver. 

The crew performs this process using a "train" of equipment that includes an emulsion tanker, asphalt recycling machine, an asphalt paver, and combination of pneumatic and steel drum vibratory rollers.

Cold-in-Place Recycling is an efficient way to improve the road's surface and strength while reducing the amount of new material that would otherwise need to be brought to the site.  CIPR can correct deep asphalt defects such as rutting, alligator cracking, and patches.

This cold process requires minimal additional heat to rejuvenate the asphalt material, resulting in an energy reduction.

Ferguson Township has been using CIPR successfully for more than 25 years.

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