Police Department has added body and vehicle cameras

Date: May 4, 2018

Ferguson Township Police have purchased body and vehicle cameras, and will complete one to two months of technical training on the new equipment.

Officers wearing body cameras will be able to activate them with the push of the button. Each camera is about the size of a cell phone. Vehicle cameras will activate when patrol officers turn on their flashing lights.

Sergeant Devon Moran, who coordinated the purchase and training, said the new equipment will help the  Ferguson Township Police Department uphold transparency in its interactions with the public and minimize the potential for abuse.

“We have concerns about the privacy of those who may be recorded and will do what we can to protect people from unnecessary intrusion,” said Ferguson Township Chief of Police Chris Albright. “But we also hope that, when appropriate, camera evidence will provide better evidence for court. “When there are any allegations about what took place during a traffic violation, for example, we can go back and view the video and show it to a judge and jury."