Ferguson Township Police update Calls for Service statistics

Date: July 10, 2018

Every month, the Ferguson Township Police Department publishes statistical information about crime in the Township in a format prescribed by law.  You’ll find up-to-date statistics for January through June of 2018, 2017, and dating back to 2014 here on our website.

Ferguson Township’s low crime rates tend to follow state and national trends.

The reporting program Ferguson Township Police participates is called the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and is designed to provide information about crime trends and volume based on the reporting of statistics by law enforcement agencies throughout the country.  The program is administered by the Pennsylvania State Police for Pennsylvania and by the FBI for the nation. The International Association of the Chiefs of Police established the UCR program in 1930.

Part I reports calls for service about the eight “most serious” crimes: Criminal Homicide, Rape, Robbery, Assault, Burglary, Theft, Auto Theft and Arson.  Part II reports calls for service about “less serious” crimes, including 18 categories—Forgery, Drug Violations, DUI, Disorderly Conduct, and All Other Criminal activity.  As crime has changed over the years and new criminal laws have been passed, the “All Other” crime category has grown to approximately 200 types of crime.

To date this year, police reported 52 Part I crimes (compared with 70 in 2017), including the following:

0 homicides
1 rape
1 robbery
6 assaults
11 burglaries
30 thefts
3 auto thefts
0 arson cases

The FTPD also reported 279 of Part II crimes this year to date (compared with 310 in 2017):

2 forgeries
38 fraud cases
0 embezzlement cases
0 receiving stolen property
15 criminal mischief cases
1 weapons violation
0 prostitution and commercialized vice offenses
8 sex offenses
9 drug violations
0 offenses against family
13 DUI cases
3 liquor law violations
16 public intoxication incidents
155 disorderly conduct incidents
1 vagrancy
18 all other criminal cases

Year to date, the department reported 2,402 total calls for service, compared with 2,507 in 2017

In addition the FTPD issued 407 traffic citations and 339 parking tickets; made 1,006 traffic stops and 78 criminal arrests, completed 1,111 supplements (follow-up investigations and reports), and attended 118 hearings this year to date.

Through the department’s year-round prescription drop-off box for unused medications, police have collected 150.98 pounds of returned medications this year.

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